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 H-1B Work Visa
H1B Work Visa General Information: The H-1B work visa enables professionals in "specialty occupations" to make a valuable contribution to the American economy.  A maximum of 65,000 H-1B visas are issued every year.  The H-1B visa is issued for up to three years but may be extended.  This provides a maximum stay of six years. The H1-B visa holder can apply for a Green Card if a company wants to sponsor his/her application.

Eligibility Requirements: The H-1B non-immigrant work visa may be issued to applicants seeking temporary work in a "specialty occupation" which requires the skills of a professional. "Specialty Occupations" includes e.g. accounting, computer analysts, programmers, database administrators, web designers, engineers, financial analysts, doctors, nurses, scientists, architects and lawyers. The petitions are submitted by employers based on their need for the non-US-resident employee. The applicant may possess a bachelor's degree or requisite experience to make up for the lack of a master’s degree.

Other Work Visas:
  • If you do not have the required college education, you can apply for a H-2B Work Visa

The H1B Application Guide contains:

  • H-1B work visa overview
  • H1B Visa eligibility and requirements information
  • How to fill out the application forms
  • H1B Visa extension information
  • How to obtain H-4 visas for the spouse and children
  • List of all USCIS (formerly INS) offices nationwide
  • List of United States Embassies and Consulates
H1B Visa

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