Pursuing Graduate Studies in the United States

Are you considering enrolling for a graduate program in the United States?

Here’s what you need to know:

Overview of Graduate Degrees

There are two main graduate degrees namely: a Master’s Degree and a Doctoral Degree (PhD).

In essence, a Master’s Degree provides specialized knowledge about a specific subject, while a PhD is usually more research-driven and focuses on developing new knowledge within a specific field of study.

It is important to understand the difference between these two programs, so you can be more mindful about the graduate studies program you wish to apply for.

Advantages of Attending Graduate School in the US

Pursuing graduate studies in the United States may be costly, but it proves to be a good investment. Here are the top reasons why you should apply for graduate school in America:

As a graduate student in the US, you will undertake research and studies under the direction of a thesis advisor. Most American institutions pride themselves of hiring highly qualified professors who are frontrunners in their respective fields. This means you are exposed to influential individuals and best practices in the industry or field of your interest.

Practical Training
Most American institutions require their graduate students to complete an internship. In addition, US Immigration legislation allows students to apply for 12 months of practical training in their field of interest. He or she may work in the private or the public sector to gain relevant job experience before returning home. Additionally, graduate students in the United States have better chances of obtaining permanent residency in the country. This will enable them to acquire jobs in the country without worrying about expiring work permits.

Enhanced Career Opportunities
A graduate degree will definitely increase your income potential while enhancing your career development. As a graduate student in the United States, you have the opportunity to rub elbows with corporate leaders, eminent professors and leading scientists in the field. These opportunities do not only widen your network, they prove to be career enhancing. In addition, it is proven that individuals with graduate degrees earn 30% more than their peers.

Cultural Assimilation
By studying in the United States, you will interact with US citizens on a daily basis, whether in the university or corporate environment. This will not only improve your communication skills in English, this will also provide you with the means to build or maintain linkages to further your career or business interests.

Tips for Prospective Graduate Students
Admission to graduate studies in the United States is competitive. Not only are you pitted against other foreign students, you are also competing for slots against highly-educated US citizens.

1. Make sure to demonstrate potential as well as leverage on your academic record.

2. Do not forget to submit all the required materials, including test scores and recommendation letters on or before the deadline.

3. Make sure to apply early for financial assistance. There are many loans, grants and scholarships available to help lower the cost of tuition, or cover it completely.

4. Research about part-time work opportunities in the University. Most Universities are hiring graduate students as teaching assistants (TA’s) and this is an excellent way to compensate for your tuition.

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