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USA Student Visa
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United States F-1 Student Visa Application
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The Benefits of an American Education

All Colleges and Universities issue Student Visas
Earn a degree while living in the USA
It's easier to get a Green Card with an American degree
F1 visa
  • The American education system is respected all over the world. American colleges and universities effectively prepare students to succeed in life.
  • You get an American degree. (B.A., B.S., MA., MBA, Ph. D.) These degrees can help earn money and give you opportunities to work in a respected profession.
  • If you plan on getting a working visa and/or green card, it is going to be much easier 
    if you have an American university degree. People holding an American degree have a much better chance of staying permanently in the Unites States.
  • Colleges and Universities have good International Students Offices that can assist you in issues of daily life in the U.S.A like getting a Social Security Number, a driving license, and opening a bank account among other needs.


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